Liverpool Womens 10K Competition 2009: Involved As

Liverpool Womens 10K competition

Get involved AS THE summer months are upon us so is the chance to get outdoors and get active.
We want to hear from women who have overcome difficult obstacles to take part in the event, or have turned around their lives by becoming active for it. In addition Ricola would like to give the runners up a year’s supply of their sweets, which use natural ingredients. People participating in the run have the chance to sample some of the sweets in the goodie bags on race day. Bursting with thirteen Swiss herbs and boasting several sugar-free options, Ricola Swiss Herb Drops are packed with natural goodness that soothes even the most stressful of days. Made from natural ingredients, Ricola sweets are renowned for their refreshing properties and mouth-watering flavours, which include Cranberry, Lemon Mint and Elderflower.
Entries should be submitted by e-mail to by 4pm on Friday, May 8 2009.

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