London Bridges Wellness Walk 2023

Walking together for better diabetes care.

Despite being a common condition, diabetes can be stigmatized in various ways, which can lead to negative attitudes towards people living with the disease.  Diabetes can be stigmatized in various ways, including misconceptions about its causes and management, discrimination in the workplace or social settings, and negative portrayals in media and popular culture. For instance, some people believe that diabetes is caused by poor lifestyle choices, such as eating too much sugar or not exercising enough, which can lead to blame and shame towards those with the condition. Others may view diabetes as a sign of weakness or lack of discipline, which can result in social isolation and low self-esteem. Additionally, people with diabetes may face challenges in accessing healthcare or employment opportunities due to their condition, which can further contribute to stigma and discrimination.

To combat this stigma and raise awareness about the condition, Diabetes UK, the leading charity for diabetes care in the UK, has launched several campaigns and initiatives that aim to educate the public, support people with diabetes, and advocate for better policies and services. One of Diabetes UK’s upcoming events is the London Bridge Wellness Walk 2023, which will bring together people affected by diabetes to walk and raise funds for diabetes research and care.

London Bridges Wellness Walk 2023

Join us on Sunday 24 September 2023 with thousands of Diabetes UK supporters, to take on our 10-mile walk across 12 of London’s iconic bridges. We’ve also added a brand new five mile option.

See famous sights whilst spending quality time with friends and family. We’ll also help you learn how to eat healthily, exercise and live well with our Wellness celebration at the end.

With every step, you’ll be helping to fund our life-changing research, whilst supporting your wellness and that of your loved ones.

Striding out from Battersea Park, we’ll cross 12 iconic London bridges including Albert, Hungerford, Waterloo, Millennium and Tower Bridge at finish at Potters Fields Park.

Together, we’re walking for a healthier, happier future.

Join us and register for the London Bridge Wellness Walk 2023 to support diabetes care! Register here.

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