MakeAWish Rethinks Fundraiser After Allegations Of Hazards Overseas 2009: Photo Gallery

MakeAWish rethinks fundraiser after allegations of hazards overseas

Photo Gallery The charity might put the brakes on the event amid allegations that EarthEcycle, the company that refurbishes such
equipment, ships it abroad for recycling that endangers workers in China and Africa. An e-waste watchdog group, Basel Action Network, or BAN, said Tulsa-based EarthEcycle did just that with two recent events in Western Pennsylvania. “This is pretty far in motion for us. But if we have to cancel it, we will,” said Ann Hohn, spokeswoman for Make-A-Wish Foundation. It will make a decision today, she said. EarthEcycle CEO Jeffrey Nixon said his company sells used computer equipment “all over the world” to people who “can’t afford to buy a working computer.” It donates the proceeds to charities, such as Make-A-Wish, which helps children with life-threatening medical conditions.
Nixon denies selling damaged electronic equipment that could not be refurbished to shady operators abroad to extract dangerous metals, such as lead and mercury.

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