Masters Charity Ball 2024: Uniting Hearts, Igniting Change for Huntington’s

Dance for hope, bid for change – Master’s Charity Ball 2024!

Huntington’s Disease, a hereditary neurodegenerative disorder, poses unique challenges. Characterized by motor dysfunction, cognitive decline, and emotional disturbances, it profoundly impacts individuals and their families. Raising awareness and fostering research are crucial in the quest for effective treatments and support systems.

Amidst the complexities of Huntington’s Disease, the Huntington’s Disease Association (HDA) stands as a beacon of support. Committed to enhancing the quality of life for those affected, HDA provides vital resources, counseling, and facilitates research. By fostering a sense of community, they empower individuals and families to navigate the challenges of Huntington’s Disease with resilience and hope. Joining forces with HDA is an investment in a future free from the impact of this debilitating condition.

Amidst its tireless commitment to Huntington’s Disease advocacy, the Huntington’s Disease Association (HDA) unveils an exciting opportunity for support—the Master’s Charity Ball 2024, in collaboration with The Worshipful Company of Butchers. As the Livery’s grandest affair, the event promises a delightful mix of gastronomy, entertainment, and charity initiatives. Attendees not only enjoy an exclusive experience but also contribute to the noble cause of aiding those affected by Huntington’s Disease. Seize the chance to make a difference while enjoying a memorable evening by securing Early Bird tickets before January 31st, 2024. Your presence at the ball is not just a celebration but a meaningful step towards supporting HDA’s impactful mission.

Are you ‘Red’dy for the 2024 Master’s Charity Ball?

The 2024 Master’s Charity Ball will be on Friday 3rd May and this year’s organising committee are going to ‘light’ things up a bit, increasing the wow factor of the already splendid Guildhall.

So, we’re getting ‘red’dy to put the Fun into this fabulous fundraising event and you can too by taking advantage of our Early Bird Discount. Securing your table / tickets before 31st January 2024 will mean you pay £210.00 per person, rather than the full price of £225.00 per person.

This is our Livery’s largest and most prestigious event of the year where you can enjoy fabulous food, entertainment, win great prizes, bid in a luxury silent auction and then, if you wish, put on your dancing shoes.

As well as raising monies for our own Butchers’ Hall, The Master’s chosen charity this year is the Huntington’s Disease Association, which has a special significance for him and his family. We hope to raise some much needed funds to donate to those suffering from, coping and living with this debilitating disease

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