Northern Ireland Lunch

Building Together: Empowering the Construction Community

People in the construction industry are the backbone of modern infrastructure, shaping the world we live in. From architects and engineers to builders and laborers, these individuals possess the expertise and skills required to construct awe-inspiring structures. They work tirelessly, often braving challenging conditions and demanding schedules, to bring our cities to life. The construction industry is not just about bricks and mortar; it is a testament to human ingenuity and collaboration. Recognizing the contributions and challenges faced by these dedicated professionals is essential in ensuring their well-being, safety, and continued growth in building a sustainable future.

In recognition of the vital role played by individuals in the construction industry, organizations like the Lighthouse Charity have emerged as beacons of support. The Lighthouse Charity is committed to providing assistance and resources to those in the construction community, helping them navigate challenges, improve well-being, and build brighter futures.

Get ready for a delightful culinary experience that also supports the construction community as the Lighthouse Charity presents the highly anticipated Northern Ireland Lunch. This upcoming fundraising event promises not only a delectable feast but also an opportunity to make a lasting impact by contributing to the well-being and welfare of those in the construction industry.

About The Event
Celebrating The 60th Anniversary of the Northern Ireland Lighthouse Club

The Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity, Northern Ireland Lunch will take place on Friday 29th September 2023 in the iconic Titanic, Belfast. Join us in celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Lighthouse Club in Northern Ireland.

The event will see over 300 guests from across the industry come together to support and champion the work being done to support the emotional, physical and financial wellbeing of our construction community. Join us for an afternoon of networking and entertainment with your industry peers, all while raising much-needed funds for a very worthwhile cause.

All proceeds from the lunch will go directly towards the great work that the Lighthouse Charity does to support the members of the UK and Irish construction industry that are most vulnerable.

The Lighthouse Lunch, Hosted by Tim McGarry will include:

Champagne networking reception3 course dining experience that is truly unique to Belfast and Northern IrelandAfter-lunch sports stars panel discussionCharity auctionEntertainment and networking into the evening
Timing: 12pm – 5pm (Plus networking into the evening)
Tickets: £1,000 for a table of 10
Dress Code: Business Attire / Smart Casual

Book your place below. Discounts are available for the Titanic Hotel, please email [email protected] for more information.

Join us at the Northern Ireland Lunch and support the Lighthouse Charity in building a brighter future. Register now and make a difference!

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Lighthouse Charity
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Titanic Hotel, Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
Northern Ireland
United Kingdom
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