Pink Ribbon Ball

Unite in Pink, Together We Triumph Against Breast Cancer

Breast cancer, a formidable adversary in the realm of women’s health, affects millions worldwide. Its impact is deeply personal, touching the lives of mothers, daughters, and sisters. Amidst the challenges, early detection and research breakthroughs shine as beacons of hope. Addressing this issue is paramount, for each day, we draw closer to improved treatments and the day when breast cancer is but a memory.

In the fight against breast cancer, organizations like Breast Cancer Now lead the charge. Through relentless research, advocacy, and support, they are working tirelessly to transform the lives of those affected by this disease. With their unwavering commitment, together, we forge a path towards a future free from the shadow of breast cancer.

As we unite in the battle against breast cancer, we look forward to the Pink Ribbon Ball, a night of elegance and purpose. This event, set for October 15th, will gather our supporters for an unforgettable evening at the Grand Opulent Ballroom. Join us for a night of fine dining, live music, and inspiring stories, all dedicated to funding groundbreaking research and support programs in our fight against breast cancer.

About the event
We’re putting progress in the spotlight at this year’s Pink Ribbon Ball. Join us for an exclusive night of fizz, food and fundraising on Saturday 4 November when we’ll be taking over the Hilton London Bankside.

You’ll sip champagne, enjoy a 3-course meal and celebrate our progress over 27 years of the Pink Ribbon Ball. You’ll take in top-tier entertainment and get the chance to win incredible prizes in our raffles and silent and live auctions.

And best of all, you’ll be helping to fund the progress we’re making every day. With life-saving breast cancer research, vital support services and ground-breaking campaigning.

Why? Because every 10 minutes, someone in the UK hears the words “you have breast cancer”. We need to act now.

So get your sparkle on and join us at this year’s Pink Ribbon Ball.

Raise a glass, raise money and help make sure that by 2050, everyone diagnosed with breast cancer lives, and lives well.

Gold tables are situated closer to the stage and include a bottle of champagne.

For any queries regarding the Pink Ribbon Ball please contact the team on [email protected]

Support the cause, make a difference, join the fight against breast cancer.

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Breast Cancer Now
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Hilton London Bankside
United Kingdom
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