Pony Morning: A Day of Fun and Learning with Hopefield

Embrace hoofbeat happiness at Hopefield’s Pony Morning. Join the fun!

Ever wondered what it’s like to befriend a pony and care for them like a pro? Step into the world of Hopefield, where every hoofprint tells a story of love and compassion for animals in need.

Join them for a heartwarming Pony Morning on July 14th! It’s not just any event—it’s a chance for children to connect with these gentle creatures and learn the true meaning of empathy and care.

Each child will be paired with a pony, embarking on a journey of friendship and responsibility. From feeding and grooming to sharing tender moments, they’ll discover the joy of making a difference in the lives of these beloved animals.

Come be a part of something special at Hopefield’s Pony Morning. Let’s create lasting memories and spread love one hoofbeat at a time!


Everyone’s favourite pony grooming events are back for 2024, and your little ones aren’t going to want to miss out!

Each child will be allocated a pony, and they’ll learn how to look after them including responsibilities like feeding, watering, cleaning, and finishing with a nice groom!

They’ll then break for lunch, and swap to a fun arts & crafts session for the second part of their morning.

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Hopefield Animal Sanctuary
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