Respecting The Game And Respecting Yourself 2009: Returned Another

Respecting The Game and Respecting Yourself

I just returned from another cruise and road trip that included Asia, the Caribbean, and the Deep South.
I’ve been playing poker, giving seminars, and hosting events. Sometimes I feel guilty at my good fortune while the nation struggles through the current economic crisis. It’s a time to step up and help our neighbors, our friends, and maybe even those we don’t yet know. Respecting each other is key, and I saw this clearly during my recent travels. I traveled from Shanghai to Singapore, with stops in China, Bangkok, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Singapore on a Card Player Cruises poker adventure. At the next stop, Xiamen, we were told we shouldn’t go to the eye clinic where we were referred since no one there spoke English and thus could not help us. But the volunteer at the port, whose job it was to help tourists with transportation, directions, and information, joined us on our adventure. Without his help, we wouldn’t have been able to communicate to the doctors.