Robin Hood Gala Bags 726 Million 2009: Editorial Links

Robin Hood Gala Bags 726 Million

Editorial Links : Quicklinks: May 13, 2009 Robin Hood Gala Bags $72.6 Million The Robin Hood Foundation raised $72.6 million during its 20th annual
gala last night thanks to a $27-million assist from global philanthropist George Soros. Without it, the star-studded event would not have matched last year’s revenue totals.
Instead of the luxury auctions usually featured at previous galas, the approximately 3,100 attendees used wireless, electronic devices to make their anonymous pledges, which totaled $27 million and were matched by Soros. In all, Soros pledged a $50-million grant over two years if the foundation’s 28-member board could raise $50 million and another $100 million from the general public in the next two years.

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