Run Is A Great Event For Everyone In City 2009: What Shame

Run is a great event for everyone in city

WHAT a shame someone had to complain about the Great West Run, Points of view, April 29.
I have been looking forward to this event for months after competing in it last year. It is a fabulous event for Exeter, well organised and brings thousands together in a fantastic atmosphere. So, while this person feels they cannot go anywhere for a few hours on Sunday, please could I raise a few points Three thousand people have been training hard to achieve something on Sunday. Some to win, most to do their best while raising funds for charity. Family, friends and spectators gather along the route to cheer the runners on. It can be a very emotional day for those achieving a personal goal. I ran part of the route early last Sunday morning and there’s not a lot of traffic about at that time in the morning anyway. There are not many places one can go early on a Sunday morning.
We pay a substantial fee to enter the race. I’m sure this covers costs or the event wouldn’t be held. Hundreds of volunteers also give their spare time to help the race happen.

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