Run to Feed The Hungry

Run, walk, feed hearts: Celebrate 30 years of fighting hunger with us! Join the cause now.

In modern developed nations, hunger remains a surprisingly prevalent issue, often hidden behind the veneer of affluence. Despite progress, a significant number of people, including children and families, still struggle to access consistent and nutritious food. Addressing this hidden crisis is vital not only for the well-being of individuals but also for the overall health of societies. By acknowledging the persistence of hunger and committing to effective solutions, we can ensure that everyone, regardless of their economic circumstances, has the opportunity to thrive and lead healthier, more productive lives.

To combat this pressing issue, organizations like the Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services play a crucial role. By providing essential resources and support, they bridge the gap between food insecurity and a brighter future for those in need.

As part of their ongoing efforts, the Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services is gearing up for a significant event. This year marks the 30th anniversary of their impactful “Run to Feed the Hungry” fundraising event, which has been instrumental in aiding families facing food insecurity. Joining this event not only commemorates their three decades of dedicated service but also contributes directly to the noble cause of alleviating hunger in our community.

Join Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services in celebrating 30 years of Run to Feed the Hungry, Sacramento’s most beloved event! This Thanksgiving tradition benefits Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services, meaning your participation will help fight hunger in our community.

Join us in making a difference by signing up for the “Run to Feed the Hungry” event and being a part of this meaningful journey towards a hunger-free future.

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Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services
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6000 J Street Sacramento, CA 95819
United States
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