Santa Splash 2023

Take a plunge for a cause.

Aplastic anemia is a rare and serious medical condition that occurs when the bone marrow fails to produce enough new blood cells. This leads to a deficiency of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets in the body. As a result, patients with aplastic anemia may experience symptoms such as fatigue, weakness, frequent infections, and excessive bleeding. Aplastic anemia can be caused by a variety of factors, including autoimmune disorders, exposure to toxins or radiation, certain medications, and genetic abnormalities. Treatment options may include blood transfusions, immunosuppressive therapy, and bone marrow transplantation. Early diagnosis and treatment are critical for improving the chances of recovery for patients with aplastic anemia.

The diagnosis of aplastic anemia can be overwhelming for patients and their families. Fortunately, there are organizations such as the Aplastic Anemia Trust that are dedicated to supporting patients and raising awareness about this rare disease.

One way that the Aplastic Anemia Trust raises awareness and funds for research is through community events. This year, they are excited to announce their upcoming Santa Splash 2023, a charity swim event that encourages participants to take a plunge in icy waters while dressed in festive attire.

Fancy taking a cold dip on 3rd December?
Create your own Santa Splash event anywhere you like. Cold showers, ice baths, wild swimming? It’s up to you.

Your ticket cost will help us to support people with aplastic anaemia and includes:

A Swim Hat to wear into the sea
Register before 1st October 2023 to qualify for our early bird offer.

Sign up before the 5th November to ensure you receive your swim hat.

Share our challenge on the Facebook event page and connect with other people.

Take a look at this pack which will help you plan your event.

Join us at Santa Splash 2023 to support aplastic anemia patients and fund research! Register here.

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