Sarcoma UK’s Glitter Ball 2024

Dance for a Cause

In the realm of health challenges, bone cancer emerges as a formidable adversary, affecting the lives of many. This insidious disease strikes the very foundation of our skeletal system, posing a threat to mobility and overall well-being. Addressing bone cancer is not just a medical obligation but a crucial step in preserving the fundamental structure that supports our bodies. It requires concerted efforts in research, awareness, and support to ensure a brighter and healthier future for those grappling with this formidable foe.

In the fight against bone cancer, Sarcoma UK stands as a beacon of hope. Devoted to making a difference, this charity focuses on funding research, offering support, and raising awareness about bone and soft tissue cancers. By driving advancements in medical understanding and patient care, Sarcoma UK plays a vital role in addressing the challenges posed by bone cancer, providing a lifeline for those affected.

Continuing their mission, Sarcoma UK invites you to join their upcoming event, Glitter Ball 2024. This glamorous occasion not only marks a celebration of resilience but also serves as a significant fundraising opportunity to advance bone cancer research. Scheduled for April 27, the Glitter Ball promises an evening of sparkle and purpose. Here are the details for an enchanting night dedicated to supporting those affected by bone cancer.

The Sarcoma UK Gala Committee are delighted to bring back the Glitter Ball on 27 April 2024 at the Marriott on Grosvenor Square.

The Glitter Ball is a properly fun party of food, drinks and dancing for sarcoma patients, families and friends while raising vital funds for Sarcoma UK’s research, support, awareness and information.

If you’ve joined us before, you’ll know you’re in for a night to remember. If not, get ready to make some memories. Our host for the evening will be ITV News and Loose Women’s Charlene White and guests will enjoy performances from more guests than ever before!

Sarcoma UK Ambassador, Jake Quickenden and our friends Enchorus will be joined by Britain’s Got Talent star Dr Bambang Atmaja and floorfillers Tropics!

Over 400 supporters of Sarcoma UK will dance the night away with the help of our sponsors. Feel like a movie star on our red-carpet photo wall, create incredible moments in the photo booth, sing your heart out and dance your feet off with the musical guests.

Dress code
Black Tie (but we won’t say no to glittery bow tie) and sparkly ball gowns.

Doors 6:00pm

Secure your spot at the Glitter Ball 2024 by registering through the provided link.

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Sarcoma UK
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