Seafarers Awards Singapore 2023

Salute to the Sea Stars: Unveiling Heroes of the Waves!

Seafarers, the unsung heroes of the maritime world, play a vital role in global trade, delivering goods to our doorsteps from distant shores. Braving the vast, unpredictable oceans, they exemplify resilience and dedication. Their virtues of hard work, adaptability, and camaraderie are unwavering as they endure months away from loved ones. Yet, amidst their sacrifice, seafarers face numerous risks, from hazardous weather to piracy threats. Lending support to these courageous souls is not only a moral duty but also essential for ensuring their well-being and mental health. Providing assistance and care to seafarers is an investment in safeguarding our interconnected global economy and acknowledging their immense contributions.

In recognizing the invaluable service of seafarers, The Mission to Seafarers stands as a beacon of hope and support. As a charitable organization, they extend a helping hand to these brave souls, providing essential welfare services and advocacy, ensuring that seafarers find solace and aid amidst the challenges of their noble journey.

As a testament to their commitment, The Mission to Seafarers is gearing up for the upcoming Seafarers Awards Singapore 2023. This prestigious event aims to honor and celebrate the outstanding contributions of seafarers, acknowledging their resilience and sacrifices in the maritime industry.

Thank you to everyone who joined us in celebrating the contributions to welfare made by seafarers worldwide in 2022 and to our sponsors Shell and BHP! Join us again in person in 2023!

The Seafarers Awards ceremony and gala dinner has traditionally been hosted in Singapore where guests are given the opportunity to network with some of Maritime’s key industry players. Singapore, a main hub of the shipping industry, is a magnet for major companies and there could be no better place at which to celebrate the contribution that has been made by seafarers worldwide as they perform their vital work which is fundamental to our global economy. We anticipate a live event this year and look forward to welcoming you all in person.

We would like to thank our generous sponsors who have supported the dinner again this year. Our Gold sponsors are Shell, BHP and Pacific International Lines (PIL), as well as our Silver Sponsors, North, Bureau Veritas, SMOU, SOS, and West of England P&I Club and Drinks Reception Sponsor, HFW.

Sponsorship opportunities are available to view via our sponsorship brochure.

Tables S$4,500 – One table seats 10

For sponsorship enquiries or to book your table please email Jan Webber.

Join us in making a difference in the lives of seafarers by signing up for The Mission to Seafarers’ Seafarers Awards Singapore 2023 event. Together, let’s show our support for these brave souls who navigate the world’s oceans, and through this charitable initiative, extend a helping hand to those who selflessly keep global trade afloat. Don’t miss this opportunity to celebrate their virtues and contribute to their well-being. Sign up now and be a part of this meaningful endeavor!

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