Sparkle & Dine Ball 2023: Illuminating Lives with Style Acre

Shine bright, dine right! Join the magic!

Autism and learning disabilities are unique and diverse neurodevelopmental conditions that impact millions worldwide. Autism, characterized by challenges in social communication and repetitive behaviors, affects individuals’ ability to understand and navigate social interactions. Learning disabilities, on the other hand, encompass a range of difficulties in acquiring and processing information, making traditional educational methods challenging for those affected. Despite these challenges, individuals with autism and learning disabilities possess remarkable strengths and talents. Understanding and supporting these individuals is crucial to create an inclusive and compassionate society that empowers them to thrive and contribute their unique perspectives and abilities to the world.

In the pursuit of creating an inclusive and supportive environment for individuals with autism and learning disabilities, one organization stands out – Style Acre. With a deep commitment to fostering independence and enhancing the lives of those they serve, Style Acre provides a diverse range of services and programs that empower individuals with these conditions to lead fulfilling lives and achieve their full potential. Join Style Acre on their mission to create a world where everyone, regardless of their abilities, is embraced with dignity and respect.

As Style Acre continues its unwavering dedication to supporting individuals with autism and learning disabilities, they are excited to announce their upcoming fundraising extravaganza – the Sparkle & Dine Ball 2023. This glamorous event promises an enchanting evening filled with elegance, entertainment, and heartfelt giving, as the community comes together to raise vital funds for the organization’s transformative programs and services. Get ready to sparkle and dine in style, making a lasting impact in the lives of those who deserve to shine bright.

Sparkle & Dine Ball 2023

Come and join us for one of our biggest fundraising event of 2023, our Sparkle & Dine Charity Ball at Benson Parish Hall, Benson, Oxford.

Friday 3rd November 2023 from 7.00pm-Midnight

The night will be a spectacular evening of entertainment including –
• Drinks on arrival
• 3 course meal
• Live music
• Charity casino
• Silent auction
• Live auction
• Raffle
and much more, all whilst raising money for Style Acre.

Dress Code: Black tie/Lounge suit and smart/cocktail dresses.

Seating: Tables of 10, discount for full table bookings

Tickets on sale now!

Step into a night of glitz and goodwill! Join Sparkle & Dine Ball 2023 and empower lives with Style Acre!

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Style Acre
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Booking Clerk/Sunnyside, Wallingford OX10 6LZ, United Kingdom
United Kingdom
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