Stay At Home Mom 101 Budgeting Couple Time In Columbus 2009: Parents Busier

Stay at Home Mom 101 Budgeting couple time in Columbus

Busy parents with busier children know all too well that finding the time, money and energy for “couple time” is not always the easiest
of tasks on your to do list! Living near Columbus, Ohio does provide easy access to lots of events and activities—provided that you take the time to look for them and can fit them into your budget! Consider the following options as you look for this weekend’s couple time adventure! Free Activities Head out to the mall at . Check out their online calendar of events, take in a free event in the town square or just simply window shop or sit on the benches by the fountains and people watch. Experience the . Easily accessible throughout the Columbus area, the city’s Metro Park system offers a variety of programs such as late evening walks and nature programs—or just go solo and have a childless picnic!
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