Strathcarron Hospice Lego Walk: A Fun Challenge for a Great Cause

Step on thousands of Legos for Strathcarron Hospice – a fun challenge for a great cause!

Ever stepped on a piece of Lego? Imagine that multiplied by thousands! Ready to take on the challenge? Join Strathcarron Hospice for the Lego Walk on September 21st. Families, this is a perfect opportunity to turn those painful Lego encounters into a fun and memorable experience. Picture the kids’ faces when they see you bravely stepping across a Lego path—talk about payback!

Friends and colleagues, why not form a team and take on this unique challenge together? It’s a fantastic way to bond and have a laugh while supporting a vital cause. Lego enthusiasts, this is your time to shine! Show off your love for Lego in the most unconventional way possible.

Join us on Saturday, September 21st, for the first-ever Strathcarron Hospice Lego Walk. With our Hospice Mascot, Ron, cheering you on, it promises to be a day of fun, laughter, and making a meaningful impact together.

Ever stepped on a piece of Lego? Multiply that by thousands and take on the challenge at our Strathcarron Hospice Lego Walk on 21st September.

This is a really fun event that’s great to do with family, friends and/or colleagues; maybe you are a parent/guardian and want to register your kids as pay back for stepping on their Lego!! Our Hospice Mascot, Ron, will be rooting for you and might even join in the fun!

So join us on Saturday 21st September for our first ever Strathcarron Hospice Lego Walk. Step by step you can help make a real difference to our patients and their families.

Charity Organization Name:
Strathcarron Hospice
Event Location:
Howgate Shopping Centre , High Street, Falkirk, FK1 1HG
United Kingdom
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