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My name is Israel Kisanga. I am the Founding Director of Over World Messiah Foundation based at Moshi Tanzania. I like supporting the less privileged people.From my childhood I was very much touched in my heart when I see anyone suffering.

From my primary school most of friends were orphaned and it was happening by nature to have them. When I joined the advanced secondary education and my college the same nature happened again which has ever been disturbing my heart when I see what they are going through in their day to day life.

I supported them to the little I could afford but was not enough to better their life. I am now looking committed people whom we can join our hands together and make a difference in changing lives. We need to develop their education, health and support life circumstance

Our mission is to work the community with supporting aiming at simplification of the life, socially motivated,self economic reliance and rise of community life standard.

We are a home based care in Kilimanjaro Tanzania at Mbokomu ward witha population of over 12,000 people and we need your support to continue help others.

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