Talking Twilights Convention Takes Portland This Summer 2009: Fansite Hosting

Talking Twilights convention takes Portland this summer

The fansite is hosting a Twilight convention this August in Portland, Oregon, the filming location of 2008’s Twilight film by Catherine Hardwicke.
Say they, We are going to be doing it for the local children’s hospital here and it should be a ton of fun! We are going to be recreating the prom from the movie as exactly as we can and having people attend the prom there as well as doing filming location tours and meet and greets with some of the actors. The event, which will take place in Portland between August 28th and August 30th, is a three-day event hosting actors such as (who will be auctioned off for a dance with one fan and to sit at the breakfast table with another) and Rachelle LeFevre.
The Talking Twilight convention is a charity event, which will benefit the Doernbecher’s Children’s Hospital in Portland, and more information can be found .

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