Teens Many Reasons To Pray 2009: Zanesville Scores

Teens Many reasons to pray

ZANESVILLE – Scores of teens crowded in front of the Muskingum County Courthouse for the National Day of Prayer for Youth Sunday evening.
Rick Miller, organizer of the event and with the Jubilee Revival Center in Dresden, said 10 churches from around the area were involved in the event. “We’re here today to allow these young people to take ownership of their future,” Miller said. “Our youth today will decide if Jesus can change the country. These young people are standing up for what they believe in.” Genna Ramey, 17, has just returned to Zanesville from Mexico, where she has been assisting her parents, Kristi and Tod who are missionaries, in starting an orphanage. “I think prayer is one of the most powerful things in my life,” Ramey said. “Prayer allows me to talk and call on God and to tap into His everlasting love.” Ramey said prayer is also helping her decide what direction in life she wants to take since she has graduated from high school. “I think right now I’m being guided back to Mexico to help my parents with the orphanage and then maybe go into nursing,” Ramey said. “I’m just leaving it to God.”
Charity Wahl, of Zanesville, was there with her husband, Joel, and children, Emma, 3 and Milee, 1, supporting the Cornerstone Church Youth group.

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