The Big Lent Walk

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Poverty, a harsh reality for many, means not having enough resources for a decent life. Addressing this issue is crucial as it’s a barrier to health, education, and opportunities. By tackling poverty, we create a fairer society where everyone has the chance to thrive, breaking the cycle for a brighter future.

In the fight against poverty, the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (CAFOD) stands as a dedicated ally. CAFOD goes beyond providing aid, actively working to empower communities and break the systemic roots of poverty. Their impactful initiatives exemplify a commitment to building a world where everyone can escape the grips of poverty and experience a better quality of life.

As CAFOD continues its tireless efforts to combat poverty, attention shifts to their upcoming fundraising event, “The Big Lent Walk 2024.” Supporters and advocates are invited to participate in this significant initiative, a testament to CAFOD’s dedication to fostering sustainable change. “The Big Lent Walk 2024” promises a meaningful journey, with all proceeds directly contributing to CAFOD’s mission of alleviating poverty and creating a more just and equitable world.


Challenge yourself and take on The Big Lent Walk! Walk when and where you choose over 40 days, alone or with friends. Raise money to help people as they overcome poverty.

CAFOD and SCIAF are teaming up to bring the Big Lent Walk to Great Britain! Read more about us and our decision to join forces. Thousands of walkers from England, Wales, Scotland and beyond, will be tying up their purple laces and walking an incredible 200km this Lent to fight global poverty.

So, sign up to do the Big Lent Walk yourself, or join in with your school or parish. Then put your best foot forward with the biggest group of Big Lent Walkers yet.

Empower lives, register now for a future without poverty’s grip.

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