The Celebrity Apprentice Finale Did The Right One Win 2009: 10 2009

The Celebrity Apprentice finale Did the right one win

May 10, 2009, 11:00 PM by Jean Bentley Joan versus Annie.
Cancer versus Hitler. Fashion versus poker. Who prevailed in this final episode of The Celebrity Apprentice I’ll tell you… tomorrow. In the meantime, talk about the events of the past three hours here. Did the right person win Were you hoping for a Kiefer-style headbutt from Annie or Joan What were your favorite moments from the finale Watch one of the best boardroom moments of the season below, then come back in the morning for your regular recap and a special report from the red carpet. Did Trump choose the right person Absolutely not. Annie was so much more professional, skilled, and talented. Donald Trump made an immense mistake it’s embarrassing. I hope that every entertainment executive will take note of Joan’s bigoted remarks and lack of professionalism and chose not to book her in the future. Any company or organization that decides to work with her is choosing to align themselves with that terrible behavior. Go Joan! She deserved it! Awesome finale! Jessie kept staring at Brandee’s rack. I really am amazed at the people who are on here that think Joan EARNED this award Then I figured it out! It is the same Democrats that voted for Obama!!!! The typical Hollywood crowd!
Joan would jab in the back and to the face, but also lie just as bas as anyone. She did lie in that last board room. That planner had what he needed and was moving forward but Joan wanted more later and probably did overwhelm the company. But look at the response when the cameras got there, they were ticked! And there was only one person that fired them up that bad.

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