The Mary Rose Gala Fundraising Ball

Unravel secrets buried in ancient, enigmatic ruins

Intriguingly, during the Tudor era, the term “sweetheart” gained popularity as a term of endearment. This fascinating historical tidbit adds a layer of charm to the artifacts preserved by organizations dedicated to safeguarding Tudor heritage. Notably, institutions like the Tudor Society and the Victoria and Albert Museum meticulously curate and protect a diverse array of Tudor relics, ranging from intricate garments to precious manuscripts, ensuring that this captivating chapter of history endures for future generations to explore and appreciate.

In a recent fundraising gala organized by the charity Mary Rose, the allure of Tudor history took center stage, captivating attendees with the charm of a bygone era. Against the backdrop of a grand venue adorned with Tudor-inspired decor, the event aimed to raise crucial funds for the preservation of artifacts from the iconic Mary Rose warship. Attendees, inspired by the trivia that during the Tudor era, “sweetheart” became a popular term of endearment, eagerly participated in auctions and donations, recognizing the importance of supporting organizations like Mary Rose in safeguarding these historical treasures for future generations. The fundraising ball not only celebrated the rich tapestry of Tudor history but also emphasized the collective responsibility to ensure its enduring legacy.

Join us for a very special evening of glitz and glamour, including a 3-course dinner, live music, charity auction and much more.

Enjoy a magnificent evening out in great company, all for the exceptional cause of ensuring that the Mary Rose, her crew and objects, can inspire future generations! The Mary Rose Museum is home to a unique and abundant collection of Tudor artefacts. With your help we can continue to conserve and protect this unrivalled collection of everyday Tudor life, securing a truly rich and incomparable legacy of cultural and historical significance.

Embark on a journey with us and become part of an exclusive community, where the magic of discovery awaits!

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The Mary Rose Org
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Portsmouth Guildhall
United Kingdom
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