Top 5 Least Popular WSOP Main Event Winners 2009: Worlds Poker

Top 5 least popular WSOP Main Event winners

World’s Best Poker Deals Room reviews 1.
Full Tilt Poker 2. PokerStars 3. Titan Poker 4. Ultimate Bet 5. William Hill Poker 6. Absolute Poker 7. Everest Poker 8. Sportsbook Poker 9. bwin Poker 10. Pacific Poker 11. Carbon Poker 12. CD Poker 13. PlayersOnly Poker 14. Party Poker 15. ChiliPoker 16. Betfair Poker 17. Action Poker 18. Paradise Poker 19. Hollywood Poker 20. Paddy Power Poker The has had some exceptional Main Event winners, but it’s the bad ones that tend to generate the most discussion. Most people would cite ‘s win at the 2003 WSOP as the catalyst to the poker boom that occurred shortly thereafter. Moneymaker’s amateur status, passion for the game and fortuitous name all helped turn poker into a multi-billion dollar industry and he has to be considered one of the Main Event’s most popular winners as a result. But there have been some winners, especially recently, that have done little to grow the game and, in fact, may have even kept poker from becoming more mainstream. With the 40th anniversary of the WSOP just weeks away and plans in place to bring every living Main Event champion back for the 2009 Champions Invitational freeroll, we felt now would be a good time to unveil the top five least popular WSOP Main Event winners in history:
There’s no question that Jerry Yang brought his A-game to the final table of the Main Event. The social worker entered the day as the short-stack but quickly went to work knocking out seven of the eight final table players.

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