Empower Lifesaving Flights: Together, We Soar for Every Second Counts.

Air ambulances play a crucial role in saving lives during emergencies by swiftly transporting patients to medical facilities. These helicopters provide rapid access to critical care, especially in remote areas or situations where ground transportation is challenging. Timely intervention can significantly improve survival rates and reduce the severity of injuries or medical conditions. Recognizing and supporting air ambulance services is vital for ensuring swift medical assistance, ultimately making a difference in life-or-death situations.

One organization making a notable impact in this field is the East Anglia Air Ambulance (EAAA). Committed to saving lives, EAAA operates helicopter emergency medical services, covering the East of England. Their noble efforts involve delivering rapid response care, transporting medical teams, and providing critical support that is instrumental in addressing the urgency of medical situations.

As East Anglia Air Ambulance continues its vital work, they actively engage the community in supporting their lifesaving mission. Emphasizing the importance of community involvement, the organization is gearing up for an upcoming fundraising event that promises to make a substantial impact. Scheduled for April 27, 2024, TREK 24 – BEDFORDSHIRE invites participants to contribute to this noble cause by taking on a challenging 24-mile trek through the scenic landscapes of Bedfordshire.


Trek 24 mile or 24 km high up into the Chilterns through many nature reserves and country parks, giving you sweeping views over Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.


Help save lives by completing one (or more!) of our 24 mile or 24 km treks across some of the most beautiful parts of East Anglia. Bring your friends, family and colleagues or trek solo and meet other like-minded adventurers on the way!

Support life-saving missions; register now to aid critical medical services.

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