Twestivalgoers Meet Facetoface 2009: 12 February

Twestivalgoers meet facetoface

On 12 February, fans of social media website Twitter partied at nearly 200 venues worldwide in aid of Charity:Water.
It provides instant interaction between friends, colleagues, associates and celebrities. There are no social barriers. Phillip Schofield (schofe) and Chris Moyles (chrisdjmoyles) are the latest showbiz Twitterers and their exposure has drawn in thousands of newcomers, and masses of media attention over the past few weeks. Meanwhile, old school Twitter enthusiasts across the world were organising Twestivals to raise the profile of their charity. Big screen
Web entrepreneur Jim Wolff (jimwolffman) answered the tweet to start the Edinburgh event after a one-off London Twestival attracted about 200 people, and pulled everything together in about a month.

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