Verizons Decision Crucial To Heritage 2009: Hilton Head

Verizons decision crucial to Heritage

HILTON HEAD — At some point in the next few weeks, Steve Wilmot plans to make a phone call that will help determine the
future of Hilton Head Island’s annual stop on the PGA Tour. “I feel somewhat responsible for the entire community,” Wilmot said. “We have a lot riding on our shoulders.” Wilmot would not speculate on the chances for renewal, nor would officials for Verizon and the PGA Tour. However, Verizon executives have been pleased with the current deal, company spokesman Peter Lucht said. Having a presence at golf events allows companies to target a desirable global audience while helping to boost host communities, he said. “Sometimes, people focus too much on the entertainment aspect,” George said. “We think there’s so many other things that are positive to a company.” The tournament took Verizon’s name under a five-year deal that began in 2006. “We’re ready to go if we need to,” he said.

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