Walking for Inclusion: Uniting for Children with Disabilities

Empowering Every Step: Join Us in Supporting Children with Disabilities

In a world that thrives on diversity, understanding the challenges faced by children with disabilities becomes paramount. These youngsters navigate daily hurdles, emphasizing the urgency to address their unique needs. Promoting inclusivity and providing tailored support is not just a cause; it’s a shared responsibility. This article sheds light on the journey to create a world where every child, regardless of ability, can flourish.

Palace For Life Foundation stands as a beacon of hope for children with disabilities, offering targeted programs and support. Dedicated to fostering an inclusive environment, the foundation empowers these children to explore their potential. As we delve deeper into their impactful initiatives, the focus remains on creating opportunities that transcend limitations and celebrate the unique abilities of every child.

Embark on a journey of solidarity with Palace For Life Foundation at their upcoming Marathon March, a spirited event that mirrors the resilience of children with disabilities. Participants, driven by a shared commitment, will weave through scenic routes, raising awareness and crucial funds along the way. Join this empowering endeavor to make a lasting difference in the lives of these extraordinary children. Here are the details for your participation or see below for the event specifics.

Join Palace for Life for the 8th annual Marathon March on Saturday 12th October 2024.

Take part in our 2024 Marathon March, powered by our sponsor Utilita Giving, and join the team for the 26.2 mile walk around our home of south London.

Last year, over 200 Marchers raised over £102,000 to help support our work in south London, and for 2024, we want to make it even bigger.

Taking place on Saturday 12th October 2024 and starting and finishing at Selhurst Park, we will end with a lap of the pitch before a Palace party at the ground!

The marathon-length walk will be running for its seventh year, and we want to build on last year’s record-breaking day. Every year the Marathon March brings together Palace fans, legends and supporters. The social event is open to anyone, and is non-competitive, where the primary aim is to raise money for Palace for Life.

Register on this link and be a catalyst for positive change, supporting children with disabilities through Palace For Life Foundation’s Marathon March, as every step fuels empowerment and inclusivity.

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