Warrior Women Walk

Step by Step, We Rewrite Stories of Strength

In the tapestry of existence, there exists a resilient thread, woven from the stories of women who have traversed the darkest realms of substance abuse and trauma. Their lives, like intricate novels, bear the weight of addiction’s chapters and the scars of unspeakable pain. These women, warriors in their own right, have navigated turbulent seas, seeking refuge from the tempest within their souls. This is a tale of strength found in vulnerability, of courage forged in the crucible of suffering, and of the relentless pursuit of healing and redemption in a world where shadows once held sway.

Amidst the tumultuous narratives of these women, a lighthouse of hope emerges, known as Trevi, an organization dedicated to nurturing the seeds of recovery and resilience. Like a trusted compass, Trevi offers these women a path to rewrite their stories, guiding them towards a future where the scars of the past are but stepping stones on their journey to healing and renewal.

Now, as the sun of transformation begins to rise, casting its warm embrace upon the lives of these warrior women, Trevi invites all to join them in a symbolic journey forward, known as the Warrior Women Walk. It is an event that signifies not only their determination to overcome, but the solidarity of a community united in support. As we prepare to take these steps together, let us remember that each stride represents a triumph over adversity, and by participating, we become part of the collective narrative of strength, resilience, and renewal.

The Warrior Women 2023!
It’s back bigger and better for 2023 the Warrior Women Walk!

Join us on Sunday 15th October as we come together as strong, courageous women that can take on the world! The Warrior Women route gives you the chance to take in some of Devon’s most stunning scenery around the beautiful Burrator reservoir.

Walk with warriors. Register now. Unite for change.

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Burrator Reservoir, Devon, England.
United Kingdom
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