We Will Dance

Dance with us at Singapores first fundraising dance marathon.

We Will Dance is a 10-hour dance marathon that allows participants of all ages to have fun for a good cause and learn a dance step or two. At every hour, dance instructors will teach you dance moves to different genres of dance. You can expect dances such as zumba, jazz, hip-hop and more.

With the provision of a corporate GIVE page, dance participants can seek the support of their friends and colleagues to raise funds for a charity of your companys choice

Organized by a group of alumni from the NUS University Scholars Programon August 17, 2013,We Will Dance is all about getting Singaporeans to step out of their daily routines and doing something extraordinary for a cause they are passionate about. In a sense, we are advocates for advocacy.

Participants sign up in teams of 1-3, and pledge to dance anything between 1-10 hours, in a bid to raise funds for a charity of their choice (they get to choose from over 100 local charities registered with donation portalhttp://GIVEAsia.org).

The event is structured such that each hour, dance instructors will lead participants in learning the basics dance moves of different dance styles.

In addition, any profit made from the event will go towards helping financially disadvantaged students from the NUS University Scholars Program, our alma mater, which we want to give back to.