We Will Pay A Pure Musical Tribute To MJ 2009: Stars Die

We will pay a pure musical tribute to MJ

They say, the stars never die, because they live in the hearts of the lives they touched.
Bangalore is all set to pay tribute to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, on August 29 — his 51st birthday through a musical event, Heavens Can Wait. Music bands from Chennai and Bangalore will perform in the event, scheduled to be held at Casa Brigitta on Brunton Road. Alan Hadle, founding member and director of The Score, a magazine on music, spoke to DNA about the show. Tell us about the bands that will take part in the show Music bands from Bangalore and Chennai will take part in the show. Chennai’s line-up includes the bands like Rusty Moe, E-Flat and Public Issue-Well. They are reputed in their own right and famous for their people-friendly music. City bands like Lounge Piranha and Slain will also perform in the event. Tell us about AASTHA A part of the money collected from the show will go to charity. MJ did a lot for the betterment of the world and he loved children, and it is fitting that a part of the money will go to a children’s charity.We will donate the money to AASTHA, a paediatric hospital under construction in the city by Rourkela Childcare Private limited. They are doing some great work for children.
Where will the show happen Will the candle light vigil be held across the city The show will be held at Casa Brigitta on Brunton Road. We are not planning a candle-light vigil across the city. It would have been a little too much of a squeeze, so we’ve settled upon what I’ve mentioned above.

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