When Pain Stops Play 2009: Wednesday 26

When pain stops play

Wednesday, 26 August 2009 Michael Watson spent 40 days in a coma following his 1991 defeat to Chris Eubank Michael Watson, 44, was on
the way to beating Chris Eubank in 1991 when an uppercut put him into a coma. After six years in a wheelchair, Watson dedicated his life to charity. In 2003, he ran the London Marathon alongside Eubank and his surgeon. I remember being in total control &ndash everywhere Chris wanted to be, I was there. When I put him down in the 11th round and went back to my corner, the press asked me to come straight over when I had that belt round my waist. But after the punch in the next round, I went over and everything turned dark. I woke up after 40 days and 40 nights in a coma to find myself in a different world. When I was at my peak, I was around celebrities. Now, suddenly, I was surrounded by sick people. It became a nightmare. I never knew where I was and I couldn’t understand what had happened. After a week I realised and started to come to terms with how sick I was. I knew I wasn’t going to box again.
I had been a shy child &ndash a bit soft. My mother said that if a fly came near my face I would start crying. But boxing changed me. From the moment I put on a pair of gloves, aged 14, I was doing something I had a natural gift for. I became independent and confident, and by the time I started competing at championship level, I was the main man. I was unbeatable.

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