Actress Dame Helen Mirren Buys Clothes From Charity Shops

Actress Dame Helen Mirren says she supports Charity Shops by always buying her clothes from them

Dame Helen Mirren says she always buys her clothes from charity shops close to her movie sets.
The 61-year old star is favored to win an Oscar for her performance in ‘The Queen’.
“If I travel anywhere particularly cold or hot, I don’t take any clothes with me,” Contact music quoted her as saying.
“At the airport I’ll ask the taxi driver to take me to the nearest charity shop where I’ll buy what I need for the trip,” she added.

After shes finished the shoot she takes the clothes back to the charity shop. She likes to travel light and support a good cause.
“Even though I’m now in a position to go shopping, I don’t indulge very often – it’s just not in my nature,” she added.

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