Anita Roddick Body Shop L’Oreal

Anita Roddick sells The Body Shop to L’Oreal

Anita Roddick, founder of the Body Shop, has sold her beloved and socially responsible company to L’Oreal for 130million.
Anita was happy with her decision stating
I feel very comfortable. We protected the company from the corporate wankers who would just come along and strip the assets. L’Oreal is willing to change. Their bigness doesn’t bother me

In selling The Body Shop to L’Oreal, Anita was assured that the thousands of staff, world over, who have made the company what it is, would be protected.
The Body Shop was conceived and first opened in 1976 in the UK, and since then has grown to be a massive support and humanitarian aid to people struggling all over the world.
The Body Shop Foundation supports organisations in Zambia, Romania, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia, just to mention a few and also founded The Big Issue initiative.
The sale of The Body Shop may feel undue to its loyal supporters, but has been somewhat a morally forced issue because of it’s entry into the stock market. Anita Roddick feels that The Body Shop is in safe hands with LOreal and hopes the community will understand the compromise.

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