Happy Feet: Striding Together for Compassionate Palliative Care in Your Community

Walk with purpose: “Happy Feet” supports palliative care, making each step meaningful for those in need.

Palliative care, focused on improving the quality of life for those with serious illnesses, continues to gain recognition. Recent stories highlight its compassionate approach, providing comfort and support. As it evolves, more people benefit from this essential care that addresses not just the illness but the person’s overall well-being.

One of the organizations addressing palliative needs is Charis Hospice. Their dedicated efforts provide vital support and comfort for individuals dealing with serious illnesses, enhancing their overall quality of life.

Stepping into action, Charis Hospice invites you to join “Happy Feet: Striding for Palliative Care.” Lace up for a meaningful journey, supporting their compassionate cause. Join the event and stride towards brighter days for those in need of palliative care.

Charis Hospice is very excited to organize it’s first ever Charity Run this year!

Charity Run themed, “Happy Feet” that covers the 5km, that is organized to build awareness of palliative care, foster a spirit of caring & serving, and also to raise funds for our patients for providing free Palliative Home Care services for patients.

So, mark your calendar and bring your family and friends to the run in the fresh morning to join the event!

Join the cause and walk together, creating a ripple of impact for those in palliative care.

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Charis Hospice
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