In The Event Of A Party 2009: School Diana

In the event of a party

When she was in high school, Diana Scolponeti got an early start on her career as an event planner organizing events for her friends.
“Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been a planner,” she said. Scolponeti continued to develop her organizational skills running her own businesses and working in the hospitality industry, at jobs ranging from waitress to banquet planner. Most recently she started In the Event to formally offer her services for weddings and other events, just as she’s been doing for her friends since 1999. She particularly likes organizing charity events. While working in the functions departments at Indian Pond Country Club in Kingston and White Cliffs Country Club in Plymouth, Scolponeti’s primary focus was catering and events management. With her own business she can be more creative and offer a more personalized service. And she prides herself on her ability to do so. “I always wanted to do more,” she said. Scolponeti customizes her services to suit her customer’s needs, including tailoring her prices depending on what customers want help with. She strives, she said, to reduce the stress level of her customers. Party planning should be overwhelming. After graduating from Notre Dame Academy in Hingham, Scolponeti discovered college wasn’t for her and headed west to Colorado to work in the hospitality industry. When she was 23 she opened her own coffee house, called Lizzie’s, at Copper Mountain in Colorado.
“I’m the type of person who likes to learn by doing,” she said.

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