Skydiving Editor Bids To Conquer Fears 2009: Aversion Flying

Skydiving editor bids to conquer fears

An aversion to flying and heights is not preventing a regional daily editor from leaping out of a plane for charity.
news chief Jeremy Clifford will be staring down onto the greenery of Sibson Airfield, near Peterborough, next month in a bid to raise £1,000 for local charity Crazy Hats Breast Cancer Appeal. The target looks like it will be easily surpassed though with £350 already in the bank. Jeremy says in his fundraising message: “Those who know me will know the impending sense of fear and dread I will experience as the moment approaches when I have to throw myself out of an airplane for charity. “Taking off in a plane makes me immerse myself in a book, clutch the arm of the seat and think of anything else but the fact tons of metal are about to take off into thin air and fly. “In addition, the thought of looking down from any height and not being able to put my foot on the ground fills me with a sense of extreme dread. “So if I’m prepared to throw myself out of an airplane at 13,000 feet, the cause has got to be worth it. It’ll be only worthwhile if I hit my fundraising target.”
There are 25 people n total due to take part in the event which raised £11,500 when it was held three years ago.

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