Student Development Raises Money For Children 2009: Student Development

Student Development raises money for children

Student Development staff members are working to collect donations for an organization that has saved many children’s lives.
Phillips said Student Development is planning a large letter-writing event where any student can come and write letters, which would take place next fall. The charity encourages students to write letters to family members, friends, and acquaintances, encouraging them to send money to the hospital, Phillips said. “What we’re doing this semester is focusing on awareness about the hospital and recruiting a full executive board,” Phillips said. The executive board would be made up of students who would help organize and plan the charity event. Phillips said the department is collecting applications for executive board positions. Phillips said the letter-writing event would be followed by an “Up Till Dawn” party, which would celebrate the money raised and provide a reminder that cancer never sleeps. Phillips said she also hopes to take the executive board on a trip to Memphis to visit the hospital. “It’s truly a place of hope,” she said. St. Jude’s also shares all of its discoveries for free with other hospitals, so even children who have never visited the hospital have benefited from it, Phillips said.
Phillips said the opportunity to work for this cause is valuable to students.

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