The Running Of The Nudes

The Annual Running of the Nudes

Two days before Spain’s first bull run for 2007 hundreds of activists from PETA, most wearing only a red scarf and plastic horns, ran through the streets of Pamplona for the annual Running of the Nudes.
Thought provoking and fun-loving people from around the world met up to run in PETA’s Running of the Nudes, novely protesting against the running of the bulls event and providing a rude, nude and healthy alternative to the extreme sport.
In argument against the running of the bulls, 13 people were hospitalized after being gauged by the fierce and beautiful creatures. And in argument for the annual Running of the Nudes, the art of streaking will be ensured a public demonstration at least once a year for an undeterminable but very long time.
And as we are all aware the art of crazed public nude display is doomed to near extinction amidst heavy authoritarian penalties and fines.
It is ourbasicright as humans to decide, the running of the bulls or the Running of the Nudesfor PETA. It’s up to us.

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