Tipster Mismanaged Gen Art Deserves To Die 2009: Copy Post

Tipster Mismanaged Gen Art Deserves to Die

Copy this whole post to another site You can showcase your brand and go to Art Basel and star-studded fashion shows and it is
all for a “good” cause! The recession is killing lots of groups like this. The shine is no longer a good thing. Here’s one angry insider’s rant: Gen Art ran out of money long before the economic crisis. The return of Stefan Gerard, brother of CEO Ian and co-founder, plunged the company into mismanagement in 2007 and vendors stopped being paid in early 2008. Gen Art deserves to die. It doesn’t support artists, it supports wannabe socialites who need another party to be seen at. Hopefully people will realize this and give their money to a real charity. Regardless of the details, this goes to the larger point: Why not give your “Charity” money to, ya know, UNICEF New York, 5:18 PM Wed Aug 19 50 posts in the last 24 hours
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