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BGM welcomes volunteers with different skills & qualifications like: doctors, nurses, teachers, engineers, etc. and is very keen to hear from you. BGM strives to create a specific and meaningful role for each of the Volunteers. Everyone who volunteers with BGM will, at the very least, get the opportunity to experience grass-roots level development work first-hand.
Learning to read and write English is generally very important in India. All government jobs require fluency in English and typically interviews are carried out in English too. The quality of English tuition in government schools however, is usually poor unlike private fee-paying schools. BGM welcomes the help of volunteers in teaching English.
Whenever funds are available BGM employs workers to build wells and toilets. If your visit coincides with well/toilet construction then there may be opportunities to assist with labouring.

Accommodation and costs

Due to space constraints BGM can currently only accommodate seven to ten volunteers at a time. This is in Mr.Wilson’s (BGM founder) home upstairs, which has separate four double rooms and a single room with western-style commode / toilet and shower/bucket/jug facilities for bathing.

The house is situated in green, peaceful and scenic location offering excellent views across of the Neyyar Dam Reservoir and the spectacular Western Ghats One must enjoy this natural beauty especially at sunrise.
The family will be happy to have three time meals with you or if you prefer to be on your own, you are welcome to prepare your own meals in separate kitchen upstairs.
Donations from volunteers are very welcome for one wqeek 70 Euro and help to cover the cost of three time meals and accommodation. From the donations 70 % will go towards the charity works of BGM.

Visit website for more detailshttp://www.bgmcharity.org/

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